Our team of collection management professionals make it easy to populate your account.
Migrate your data from another system
Artwork Archive streamlines the migration process if you’re moving from another system like Filemaker Pro, Collector Systems, ArtLogic, etc.
  • Our engineering team developed custom-built import templates that make it simple and secure to migrate your data. They’ll be no disruption to your day-to-day operations.
  • Data imports are not just for artworks. You can also import contacts, locations and acquisition related information.
Working from a spreadsheet? We can import that too.
Our data import process works off of a simple spreadsheet template.
  • Decide what information you want populated in your account.
  • Avoid errors that can come from manual entry.
Export data from Artwork Archive
We believe your data is your data.
  • You can export your information at any time from your Artwork Archive account in a number of formats.

Imports are available to all Organization plans, and for the Artist Master and Collector Premier plans. See our plan options here.