Feature Spotlight: Track Your Art Income, Invoices and Expenses with Artwork Archive

A virtual training session showing you how to manage your art income and expenses in Artwork Archive

Want to learn how to keep track of all your art-related income and expenses in one place? Save time during tax season by taking advantage of these Artwork Archive features specifically made to help you manage the financial side of your art career.

We cover:
- How to keep track of your expenses to better inform pricing on individual artwork, grants and public art proposals
- How to export your Revenue and Expenses to use for accounting and tax purposes
- How to manage your Sales/Donations in Artwork Archive
- How to generate a web and PDF invoice to send directly to clients
- How to add personalized headers to your PDF invoices
- How to monitor the status and add partial payments to an invoice for commissions
- How to generate a Sales Report for year-end financial insights

For the best experience, have your Artwork Archive account open and be ready to follow along!